About Us

Welcome to MemeBox, your forum for the future. We hope you are enjoying our line-up of future-focused applications that include Future Scanner, Future Blogger, the Future 500, and our ever-growing hosted domain blogs such as The Energy and Scenario (see individual press releaseshere). Together, these sites offer a unique sounding-board for foresighted ideas of all shapes, sizes and media. They also make up the base layer of a growing, comprehensive future portal that we hope will serve you well as it is constructed, so get ready for a fun and exciting ride. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the future!

FUTURE SCANNER: Future Scanner is a community-powered app that organizes user-submitted links about the future by year and category. Community voting enables the best links end up on the front page. Dedicated to the cutting-edge stories shaping our tomorrow, the MemeBox Future Scanner is an essential part of every forward-thinking person’s toolkit. For more info on how to best use the Future Scanner, see our How-To page.

FUTURE BLOGGER: Future Blogger is a blogging community dedicated to exploring the future. MemeBox employs a team of talented bloggers to add expertise and structure to our ongoing future conversation. However, the Future Blogger infrastructure enables anyone and everyone interested in the future to easily post their thoughts, predictions and scenarios before a like-minded group of people. These posts are then rated by the community, with the best content rising to the top and onto the Future Blogger main page.

DOMAIN BLOGS: MemeBox’s domain blogs, which are separate entities but still part of the MemeBox Network, include the following:

The Energy Edited by energy industry futurist Garry Golden, the new blog/site focuses on the most disruptive ideas poised to transform the energy industry over the next decade and beyond. The sheer scale of the energy industry means that most changes will happen gradually, but the sector is not immune to the power of disruptive technologies, accelerating change and entrepreneurial business models. The Energy Roadmap seeks to place these dynamics into the proper context around some of the biggest ideas shaping the future.

Scenario Striking the balance between entertainment and empirical futurism, Scenario Land is a forum that tackles the future head-on through a provocative blend of speculative fiction to hard-core trend-informed simulations. Edited by futurist Alvis Brigis, the new site is a place where you can engage both creative and critical thinkers as they paint their unique visions of tomorrow.

Future of (Coming Soon!)

Lastly, we want to give a big shout-out to our awesome developers at VinSol for doing a phenomenal job at providing our software development.

Please feel free to email us at memebox[at] if you require any support or just want to let us know how we’re doing. There’s so much cool stuff in the works here at The ‘Box and we can’t wait to share it with you in the months to come!

All the Best,

-The MemeBox Crew