And the weekly MemeBox awards go to...

June 30 2008 / by Marisa Vitols
Category: Other   Year: General   Rating: 2

Here at MemeBox, Sunday is the day we look back at all of the Future Blogger posts and Future Scanner scans in an effort to distill and recognize the best of what you, the community, have contributed to the site throughout the previous 7 days.

Future Scanner of the Week: victoria15 for scans including The Fight to End Aging Gains Legitimacy, Funding and Scientists believe that Mars’ soil may be able to support human life.

Future Blogger of the Week: futuretalk for posts including Quantum computers will transform our lives in 20 years and Identity chips will soon track everything—including you.

Future Scan of the Week: Whatever happened to artificial intelligence?
- Scanned by adbatstone80

Future Blogger Post of the Week: More Predictions for the Near Future and Beyond
- Written by Jason

Congratulations, winners!

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