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Chicago Unleashes 'Bike 2015 Plan'
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The Bike 2015 Plan is the City of Chicago’s vision to make bicycling an integral part of daily life in Chicago. The plan recommends projects, programs and policies for the next ten years to encourage use of this practical, non-polluting and affordable mode of transportation.
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A very admirable plan/goal. Just have to wonder how well it’s going to work during those frigid Chicago winters… :)

Posted by: FutureFly over 6 years ago | Vote for this comment - Recommend


I’ve spent some time in The Hague lately and the bike parking lots are larger than the car lots. They set up overnight bike lots by the rail stations and commuters get off the train, on to their bikes, and off to work! Believe, the weather there is not so great either…very rainy, but probably not as cold as Chicago.

Posted by: JFC over 6 years ago | Vote for this comment - Recommend


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