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The Future is Not a Story
Scanned by: SwankyJ over 9 years ago
The future is not a story to entertain you. Brought up on Star Wars, Star Trek, The Terminator, and many other stories, many geeks view the future almost exclusively through the lens of overly-beloved fiction. Though these geeks may not consciously think, “the future is basically Star Trek coming into existence”, the initial reflex when confronted with a cool new piece of technology is to make a fictional reference. For example, look at the comments on practically any “futuristic technology” headline that appears on Digg. No one can resist.
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This reminds me of the often detailed and logically drawn out creations of a common Singulartarian. One describing what the singularity will look like.

“No really. When the singularity hits, the experience of being human will be like…and its just after Minority Report becomes a reality.”

It is at this point I am no longer listening to a futurist. I am actually listening to someone who draws on the past to describe a future that is agreed on by a sum of people in a specific field. This is an ordinary person who is consumed by the distinctions of those who say they are futurists. I used to be this person. I stopped being this person when I realized that I was describing the future. What I wanted to do is create something.

My fantasy futurist does not describe the future, he/she creates the future. Description is all past based. Do not get me wrong, there is a difference between drawing from the past and creating from the past. Einstein was a master at drawing from the past and creating from the future. He was a futurist. He also approached chemistry with a strong disregard for what was already known and what was possible in that area. He knew that what is known only provides a more-better-different solution to a more-bigger-complex problem.

I have a prediction, not because I am a futurist but because I am psychic, and it is this.

The breakthroughs in the area of futurism, I PREDICT, will come out of herds of people who wouldn’t dare call themselves futurists. Who are they? Like I said, they are HERDS, NERDS who figure out that they do not need to go to college and work for a company, they only need to find/create a group of people that build toward something bigger than their own individual predictions.

These are the people who will build the unpredictable futures while using methods and technology designed to predict and intercept predictable futures. Sound fair? Does it even make sense? It does, read it again.

Basically, when technology gets effective enough to predict the future, the game will be, lets see who can create an alternate future, quicker. It’s a race to beat the future to itself. How about an example.

If enough data regarding human interaction in an office environment is crunched over the course of six months, almost any interaction can be predicted. This is not futurism by the way. So, depending on who has this predictable information inside or outside the company, there is a huge opportunity to interrupt the predictable future and create a transformed future. Take this example and multiply it and better yet, add a market for it. I hope you are not understanding me, a sign of an accurate prediction.

Are you starting to get that there will be multiple existing futures or realities in the future. There isn’t one future ever. This is the reason the linear approach to the future doesn’t work, or sound right. The future isn’t linear.

Nothing is.

Does this entertain you?

What I really want to say is the future has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with intention. We already have technology, it’s done. The rest is just better versions of it.

I have a new definition of futurism.

FUTURISM – A context for living in which there is an intention of reaching a declared reality through the use of technology. (while knowing that reaching that reality defies Futurism)

Someone say something.

Posted by: Peltaire over 9 years ago | Vote for this comment - Recommend


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