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A Beginner’s Guide to Bioterrorism
Scanned by: aymeric over 5 years ago
“The main thing that stands between the human species and the creation of a supervirus is a sense of responsibility among individual biologists.” – Richard Preston, The Demon in the Freezer, page 227 From a 2002 article by Danny Penman in The Guardian: “A few months’ work in a makeshift laboratory is all it would take to produce a biological weapon that could kill hundreds of millions of people. The scientific information is freely available and the raw materials easily sourced. The only difficult part would be mastering the necessary scientific skills, and they are taught on most biology degree courses. One of the simplest ways of constructing a biological weapon would be to engineer an existing human disease and to make it even more lethal. Something as simple as the flu virus, when engineered with the gene for botulinum toxin, could wipe out a significant part of the human race. A low dose of this toxin is the main ingredient in cosmetic botox injections.
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