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Asteroid to hit earth in 2019?
Scanned by: Jeff Hilford over 10 years ago
Scientists say that the 2002 NT7 asteroid is unlikely to hit the earth, but at 2 kilometers in width, I'm sure we all wish it would stay far away on February 1st, 2019.
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Well I will make sure that on Feb 1, 2019 I have completed everything on “my life to-do” check list. Another date, which again has astronomers watching the skies, is April 13, 2029. Check out the article here:

Posted by: Dysnomia over 10 years ago | Vote for this comment - Recommend


2 kilometers in width!? Should be called Blubberoid…

Posted by: Mitermo over 10 years ago | Vote for this comment - Recommend


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